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Private equity partners appoint Moneo to lead fast turnarounds. As their interim management business partners, we unwaveringly advance the interests of the private equity firm while tempering our execution with compassion for the employees affected. In this way, Moneo has enabled private equity partners to achieve their most ambitious objectives for many years. We are known for our ability to reform multinationals that have large-scale business operations in Japan and other parts of Asia.


1. Our record is respected;
2. We do what we say; and
3. Our leadership expertise is multidisciplinary and multi-industry.


Consumer products and cosmetics
Fashion retailing
Financial services (Banking, Insurance, Securities)
Information Technology
Medical devices
Multinational conglomerates
Pharmaceuticals and biotech
Supply Chain and logistics


Better Turnaround Decisions
Moneo uses data-driven analysis and its decades of leadership insight to define complex turnaround problems correctly. We then formulate the optimum operational solutions and execute them.

Practical Leadership
As interim top management, Moneo undertakes the practical work of executing the turnaround. We execute at all levels within the portfolio company, shoulder-to-shoulder with its employees. While leading, Moneo inspires and induces the employees to achieve excellence. We take responsibility for all aspects of the turnaround, including P&L, departmental budgets, program budgets, and hiring/termination. Clients appoint us as full members of the executive committees and the boards that oversee the turnaround.

Moneo follows "traditional tenets", meaning that we lead dispassionately, without political fear or favor. Moneo will lead a course of action, even if unpopular, if the client and Moneo has determined it to be the correct solution for the portfolio company. More than a philosophy, this approach is intrinsic to Moneo's reputation for success in leading turnarounds.



We are C-level leaders who develop executives with C-level ambitions.

Moneo’s Directors actively pass on their leadership expertise by developing the next generation of global leaders. In the past 20 years, Moneo has served approximately 40 corporate clients who have sent over 1,200 executives through our leadership programs in Japan.

All of Moneo’s corporate education programs come under our practice called Moneo Academic Programs®, which has been built on the bedrock of Moneo’s turnaround work in our Moneo Turnarounds® practice. Client CEO's turn to Moneo to develop their next generation of C-level executives to lead in global markets. Our C-level apprenticeship approach and practical content have been painstakingly refined over many years from Moneo's leadership of turnarounds. Moneo accelerates the development of executives so they can take on global roles quickly.


Our leader development programs originated with the need to take on promising employees of portfolio companies as our apprentices; one day, they would have to lead their companies after we had finished the turnaround. Moneo's training soon became important to our clients’ leadership candidate pipelines. The sensibility of our practical approach and the excellence of our instructors (all of whom are C-level leaders who lead turnarounds as Moneo’s Directors) began to have wider appeal beyond private equity turnarounds. Today, many companies ask Moneo to help them with leader development, not just companies undertaking turnarounds.

Moneo’s Standards for Its Content
Leadership is central to our curricula. We develop leaders to be relevant to our clients' businesses with our practical, apprenticeship-like approach and rigorous academic foundation.

Moneo’s Standards for Its Instructors
Our instructors are all Directors from Moneo's turnaround business; all are C-level leaders, each having expertise in multiple industries and in global markets. They also are highly proficient in Socratic discourse and the case method as teaching tools. All have advanced, multidisciplinary academic credentials (PhD, MBA, MD) from the world’s top universities and hold cross-appointments in Japan as top-rated university professors in areas such as strategy, finance, operations, and marketing.


Senior Global Leader Development
Moneo develops groups of executives from Japan and from overseas subsidiaries together. The ultimate objective is alignment of the participants’ leadership mindsets with the vision, mission, and values of their company.

The program is conducted over a period of six months to a year through a series of onsite activities at the Japan headquarters and development of deliverables by the participants by means of distance collaboration. As part of Moneo’s C-level apprenticeship approach, participants collaborate in cross-regional teams to tackle issues that are of central importance to the agenda of their top management. Participants present their solutions to their company’s top management and other stakeholders at the conclusion of the program for assessment and consideration for implementation.

The outcomes of the program include:

1. Cultivation of a leadership mindset in the participant that is aligned with the leadership requirements of the top management;
2. Honing of the participant’s leadership expertise for taking on roles of increasing authority and accountability in the company;
3. Practical outputs and deliverables (including strategies and projects) to advance the actual business of the company;
4. Greater cross-regional strategic coherence, camaraderie, and collaboration among the participants and the personnel whom they lead;
5. For the top management, better understanding of the capabilities and challenges of their executives and the state of their organizations overseas;
6. Improved communication and transparency for top management, participants, and regional personnel regarding decision-making locally and globally; and
7. Insights for top management about issues that must be resolved among themselves to give their people what they need to succeed.

Global Leader Rudiments
Some participants do not have all the prerequisites required by their top management for the Senior Global Leader Development program. To help bridge the gap, Moneo provides accelerated training in areas such as advanced strategy, complex negotiations, solving complex problems, and other foundational subjects to ensure that all participants can start on reasonably equal footing. Depending on the extent of the need, customized content from the Global Leader Rudiments curriculum can be integrated into the Senior Global Leader Development program or delivered separately as stand-alone short courses beforehand.

The Moneo Mentoring Conversation for Foreign CEOs in Japan
Are you sending an executive from the US or Europe to lead the Japan operations of your multinational? Or perhaps you are sending a Japanese rising-star executive for a career-building role overseas. Either way, sending executives to work in a different country is a substantial investment. The upside—or loss—to the company far exceeds the value of the executive's compensation package, and it resonates for years after the executive is repatriated.

Since 2000, clients have availed themselves of "The Moneo Mentoring Conversation,” a private and structured dialogue between two leaders: the foreign C-level executive who is new to Japan and a Moneo C-level mentor. Moneo has advised many foreign nationals who have been appointed as CEOs and Representative Directors in Japan. In some sectors, such as pharma and healthcare, perhaps even a majority of the foreign CEOs in Japan have had "The Moneo Mentoring Conversation."

Participants say this dialogue has provided the single-most valuable insights for setting the correct endpoints for their success and for knowing how to lead the Japanese organization to achieve the desired outcomes. And all of this is done within the first weeks of the their arrival in Japan.

The 90 minute conversation follows a simple story arc: the company's expectations, the executive's ambitions in Japan, the resources and authority at the executive's disposal, and the executive's ambitions after the assignment in Japan. Within this story arc, the conversation between the expatriate executive and the Moneo C-level mentor will provide insights that are specific to the executive's situation—and in the most precise and practical ways—on how to lead the Japanese organization in the desired direction, how to fulfill the CEO mandate in Japan, and how to achieve one's personal ambitions.

Many of the participants stay in touch long after the conversation to seek advice and exchange ideas during their time in Japan.



As with Moneo Academic Programs®, Moneo Ventures® stands on the shoulders of expertise drawn from our turnaround work. We apply our skills in minimalist strategy and expedient execution to manage our venture investments to reach target. Moneo is aggressively active in investing in ventures, building ventures, advising management teams, and mentoring entrepreneurs. We invest from our own balance sheet and do not raise external capital. A few examples follow.

Sensei Biotherapeutics, Inc
Sensei Biotherapeutics is pioneering the development of precision cancer therapeutics that target a novel and untapped tumor-specific antigen called ASPH, or aspartate β-hydroxylase. ASPH is expressed in more than 20 cancer types, both solid and hematologic tumors, and correlates with poor patient survival. Our therapeutics are immunologically optimized to effectively promote robust and multi-functional, target-specific immune response, and are being developed with proprietary companion diagnostics to enable precision medicine through highly-specified patient selection.

Additionally, Sensei has pioneered a proprietary immuno-oncology technology platform, called SPIRIT, to aid the immune system in the detection and elimination of cancer. The presence of subtle differences in antigen expression between cancer and normal is key to this process.

Headquartered in Gaithersburg, MD, Sensei has a pipeline of cancer vaccines and T-cell therapies based on a proprietary R&D approach in-house and in collaboration with key academic collaborators at Brown University.

Akaito, Limited
Known as "Red Gold", saffron costs more than gold itself. But there is nothing inherently expensive about the spice. Antiquated production methods, layers of profiteering middlemen, and rampant adulteration keep saffron exorbitant. Just as Mikimoto revolutionized the global pearl industry from Japan, Akaito is changing how people buy and use saffron in the 21st Century with proprietary R&D, Japanese cultivation methods, and peerless Japanese quality. The result: Akato Saffron exceeds the ISO 3632 Grade I Saffron Standard—the highest standard of saffron produced anywhere else in the world—and at a lower price.



Takao Uehara, MBA, Chairman of the Board
Mark Lee Ford, PhD, MBA, Representative Director
Saneaki Ichijo, LLB, LLM, Chief Counsel
(Anderson Mori Tomotsune)
Ichiro Kawai, CPA, Financial Officer

Edward Hall, MBA,
Executive Managing Director,
Moneo Turnarounds
hall [at] moneo [dot] jp

Salvatore DeSena, MD, MBA,
Managing Director, Moneo Ventures
desena [at] moneo [dot] jp

Tetsuo Kajikawa, MBA,
Managing Director, Moneo Academic Programs
kajikawa [at] moneo [dot] jp

Derick Du Vivier, MD, MBA,
Medical Director
duvivier [at] moneo [dot] jp


Private stock company
Bank of Record: Shinsei Bank, Main Branch, Tokyo
Paid-in-Capital: JPY10,000,000

Corporate turnarounds
Global leader training
Venture investment

Current Holdings
2000 The Moneo Consulting Group, LLC (USA)
2004 The Moneo Company, YG (Japan)
2006 The Moneo Company, KK (Japan)
2009 Panacea Pharmaceuticals, Inc (USA)
2012 The Moneo Company, Limited (Canada)
2015 Nipponica MD, Limited (Hong Kong)
2017 Akaito, Limited (Hong Kong)
2018 Sensei Biotherapeutics, Inc. (USA)


Mr. Jonathan Kishi,
Corresponding Secretary
kishi [at] moneo [dot] jp

Shinmachi 3-21-1
Setagaya ku, Tokyo 154-0014

Email: info [at] moneo [dot] jp
Telephone: +81(0)3.5413.8425
Fax: +81(0)3.5413.7410




Think. Decide. Do.


Don’t grumble; get on with the job.
Use your brain.
Admit your ignorance.
Get the basics right.
Do the correct thing compassionately, not the good thing passionately.
Never lie.

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